Kimmy Paluch

Kimmy Paluch, a venture capitalist, computer scientist, and experienced entrepreneur, explores the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and provides salient advice for aspiring women and BIPOC entrepreneurs.

Christina Taylor

Christina Taylor, the founder of TaylorMade Experience, a lauded event management company that she grew primarily through self-funding and revenue reinvestment, shares the many options for funding a business the non-VC way.

Raquel Wilson

Raquel Wilson, founder and former CEO of Peachtree Versatile Assistants (PVA) and current small business consultant, discusses how entrepreneurs can use practical tools to help their businesses grow.

Rose Maizner

Rose Maizner, a Utah-based entrepreneur and professional investor, highlights the fundamentals of investing in entrepreneurs and discusses why we need more women engaged in investing.

Dell Gines

Dell Gines, a national thought leader in entrepreneurship ecosystem building who specializes in innovative development strategies for marginalized and economically distressed communities, discusses inclusive, entrepreneurial economic development.

Todd Khozein

Todd Khozein, founder/Co-CEO of SecondMuse, explores how we can build just and inclusive economic systems by reimagining the way we do capitalism to focus on human flourishing.