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Demystifying entrepreneurship and diversifying investing: Empowering the Next Wave
of Founders and investors through bespoke, on-demand training classes.

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Nationally lauded investor, founding partner, STEM entrepreneur, and diversity advocate Kimmy Paluch takes us through a series of need-to-know topics facing new entrepreneurs. She coaches us through the internal systems and processes needed to grow, the trinity of sales/marketing/product, how to develop and track key metrics, and much more. This course is an intro to everything your favorite entrepreneurs wish they knew on day one.

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Women’s advocate, investor, advisor, and capacity builder Rose Maizner shares stories and details to guide you towards getting started as an investor. From breaking down how to think about risk and reward to explaining investing industry jargon in a memorable way, this course will answer everything you were afraid to ask about investing and share how you can be a part of redefining the culture and face of investing.

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Project DEEP is about building and coordinating effective and equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems through accessible education.  Each video course is packed with insider strategies from a proven expert in a clear, memorable way (no jargon here!). Each course also features a workbook with the most relevant existing resources from ecosystem partners. Think about us like a cross between LinkedIn Learning, Masterclass, and the tell-all mentor you never knew you needed.

Stay tuned for more, coming later in 2021!